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It's easy!

"This software is simple and easy to use. Anyone at any level in our Company can use it to start managing projects immediately. As well as that, the support level is fantastic - as most of our suggestions have already been incorporated in the new releases. We are really happy with you guys!"

Miguel Ferrer, CIO

You can pick it up in minutes

"This is an extremely impressive application, overall a fantastic product."

Ryan Marzan
Federal Aviation Administration

Manage multiple projects at the same time

"Using this software, you can manage a large variety projects at the same time. It's extremely reliable and it's got the right feature set to manage large programs of work."

Brett Harnett, Associate Director
UC Health.

It's the best planning tool available

"After searching for project planning software for years, we finally found this software which is by far the best in the market. It's simple enough to use, yet powerful enough to monitor, control and report on our projects online."

Daniel Smith
Project Group
Admirals Bank.

Comes with the right features

"Our staff are spread across the globe, from the US to Asia. All we wanted was a planning solution that allows our teams to collaborate on projects online. After using Microsoft Project server for some time, we realized that the IT burden was too high. So we looked into more than 20 different online planning tools and finally selected this software because it had the exact feature set for our needs. I would highly recommend it."

Jeff Kim
Chief Operating Officer
CDNetworks Inc.

It helps you organize tasks

"The software has helped us immensely to track and organise our projects online. The user interface is probably the best that I've seen and the level of service is excellent."

Vanessa Taw
Axial Racing

Manage more simply!

"This is the most dynamic product on the market because it helps us manage our projects more easily. We learned the basics within minutes, which is pretty good from online app."

James Anthos, IT Program Director
South University

Helps you schedule projects

"We use the software to manage fairly complex sales projects across the world. It's great because we can simply login from the office or while we're travelling, to check out project schedules and reassign resources as we go.

We can organise teams, resellers and customers in a relatively easy fashion, so that our projects stay on track."

Frank Massa, Sales Manager
Broadcast Electronics, Ltd.

Brilliant for managing resources

"By using this software, we're able to better manage our resources (i.e. our staff, equipment and materials). One neat feature is being able to review resource workload on-the-fly."

Melissa Coleman
City of Fayetteville
US Government Department

A helpful project dashboard

"The cool thing about this software is that once our projects are set up, the whole team can immediately see the status of our projects online, using the graphical Project Dashboard. We can see what is due this week and what is coming up, so everyone is on the same page."

Brian Belworthy
Senior Project Manager
Telecom New Zealand

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