Project Scheduling Software

Powerful Project Scheduling

Project Scheduling is made simple using this powerful Project Scheduling Software. It allows you to schedule project activities, tasks and resources with the click of a button, so that you can always see a clear picture of the work ahead. Project Scheduling is all about making sure that every task is included and scheduled for completion at the right time. And that's where this Project Scheduling Software stands out from the rest. It allows you to:

  • Schedule project activities and tasks
  • Schedule people, equipment and materials
  • Send your schedule to your colleagues
  • Print your schedule for meetings
  • Update your schedule with progress

Advanced Scheduling Tools

This is the only Project Scheduling Software on the market that allows you to track your actual, planned and baseline views, all at the same time. This means that you can tell at a glance, whether the project is on track or behind. Here's how it works:

Planned Schedule

When you start Project Scheduling, you create a list of tasks and you schedule for each to be competed by specified dates. This is called the "Planned Schedule" as it shows when you plan to complete each task by. You need to update your Planned Schedule regularly, as things will change and you always need to have a clear view of when you intend for the project to be complete.

Baseline Schedule

When you have created your Planned Schedule, then you're ready to baseline your project. Within this Project Scheduling Software, click the "baseline" button to save a snapshot of the project schedule at that exact moment in time. This creates what is known as the "Baseline Schedule" so that you can compare planned vs. baseline progress ay any point in the future.

Actual Schedule

Whenever you want, you can enter your Actual time spent completing tasks, into this Project Scheduling Software. When you do this, your "Actual Schedule" will be updated, showing you the actual progress made to date vs. planned. You can therefore check at any point in time, to see whether you project is actually on track.

Project Scheduling Software

Using the Planned, Actual and Baseline views included in this Project Scheduling Software, you can get a real view of whether your project is on track. And with this knowledge, you can identify project scheduling problems early and ensure that you achieve project success.

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