Project Planning Software

View your project status online

This project planning software helps you see the status of your projects as it happens. Simply import your Microsoft project plans or create plans of your own using the software and immediately see the status of your plans online.

Managing your project dashboard

Build and view your plans online

Signup and start project planning within minutes. Create your task list and assign resources. Then share your plan online with others. It's easy to build and share plans with colleagues using this project planning software. You can also send e-mail alerts when tasks are late and keep track of your progress.

Online project planning

Monitor Workload

Track your team workload by ensuring that everyone has the right amount of work on the right days. See how many hours they have assigned each day from their project plan and unassign them from tasks when they are under-loaded.

See your workload in a calendar view

Create Project Reports Online

It's easy to report on your projects using project plan. Simply click to run a report within seconds. You can export your reports to Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF and you can even e-mail them to your colleagues.

Report on your projects online

Keep Track of Your Projects

Login to your "My Home" page and see the status of your tasks immediately. Send messages to your colleagues and view the latest discussions. Create to-do lists and manage your projects, all on one page.

See your project status as it happens

Timesheets that Work

Keep a record of the amount of time you have spent on your project by recording it on your own personal timesheet. Automatically see the time entered on your project plan and dashboard to keep an eye on it.

Manage time using online timesheets

Control Expenses

Enter expenses for your projects through a simple expense form and then see the total expenditure of your project automatically calculated on the project dashboard. The cost of the effort consumed by your team will also be recorded to save you time entering it.

Control your expenses easily

Create Discussions Online

Discuss the status of your project with your colleagues as it happens. Add new comments so that everyone knows what is happening, as it happens. Upload documents, video and audio to your discussions to keep your colleagues informed.

Discuss the status of your project plans online

Store your Files Online

Upload all of your project files from your PC, so you have a regular backup of your files and everyone can access them when they need to. Upload any documents, videos or image files as you wish. Get loads of storage for free.

Upload your files and manage them online

It's never been easier

If you want simple to use software that helps you plan your projects, then this project planning software is the easiest that you will find. Within 60 seconds, you can create a project plan and share it with your colleagues online.

Easy-to-use project planning software

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