Microsoft Project Planning

Microsoft Project Integration is fully integrated with the Microsoft Project Planning suite. You can simply input your Microsoft project plan into and the dashboard will automatically populate, telling you if you're on track. If you want to plan your projects off-line at any time, simply export your Microsoft project plans to edit them in your desktop or laptop.

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Microsoft Excel Integration

This toolset is fully integrated with Microsoft Excel. You can easily import your Microsoft Project Plan Excel spreadsheets or copy and paste them into the Tasks page directly. In that way, you can share your Microsoft Excel project plans online. Your team can then receive email alerts and update their status real-time.

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Microsoft Word Integration

Lots of people keep project task lists in Microsoft Word, so we have fully integrated Word with You can choose to either import or copy and paste tasks from your Word document into your project schedule online. Then as the project is being delivered, you can export your project reports into Microsoft Word or Excel format as well.

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Microsoft Project Plan

Whether you're currently using Microsoft Project, Excel or Word to manage your projects, you can import them into to manage them online. Everyone in your team can log on to your project plan, updating the status of tasks real-time. This allows you to more easily manage multiple projects at the same time, without the hassle of having to e-mail project plans daily to your colleagues for status updates. Sign Up for a Free Trial now!

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