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Create Project Plans

Create project plans as easily as 1-2-3 using this intuitive Planning Software. It includes all of the commonly used features found in Microsoft Project at only a fraction of the price.

Build Gantt Charts

Build your Gantt Chart in minutes, using this innovative planning software. Each Gantt Chart includes tasks, resources and links. Print it to PDF and share with your colleagues.

Use Task Software

Enter your project tasks and create professional looking schedules using this project planning software. Then assign your resources and add milestones and you're ready to go.

Project Tracking

It's easy to track your projects when you use smart planning software. You can enter your actual progress each day, and track actual vs. planned progress as you go.

Project Scheduling

This planning software helps you know who is doing what, by allowing you to assign people to tasks and schedule their completion over time.

Project Planner

This unique project planner lets you create plans on the fly. Login online and use it to manage your tasks, people and resources to bring your project in on time.

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It's fully integrated with Google GMail / Docs / Spreadsheets and Calendar

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You can import and export Microsoft Project, Excel and Word files easily.

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What's New

Project Tracking

You can now track your project online. Simply create your project plan, share it with your colleagues and then track it's progress real-time.

Project Scheduling

The project scheduling software has been upgraded with better reports, printing and alerts.


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Project Planning Software is innovative new software that helps you plan your projects online. Simply login and create your plan in minutes. Create your task list and then assign your colleagues to delegate your work. If you don't want to start a plan from scratch, then you can easily import your plan from Microsoft Project, Excel or even Word. Once your plan is set up, your team can then login to update the status of their assigned tasks online and you can view the status of the project real-time. It's that easy!

So why is different? This task software is unique because it includes all of the most commonly used features found in Microsoft Project software, but in a smarter and more intuitive way. And it's only a fraction of the cost. It comes with all of the scheduling features you need to create a Gantt Chart for your project and it allows you to link your tasks, add notes and share them with your team simply and easily.

Project Plan Blog

21 April 2014

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Do you know what one of the greatest gifts is that you can give your team members? To listen to them closely. The challenge is that listening takes time and doesn’t come naturally to many of us. I have an elderly friend who LOVES to talk. I mean, he REALLY LOVE...

Free Project Plan Template

Download this free "Project Plan Template" to help schedule your projects. This template helps you define the scope, milestones and activities needed to complete your project from start to finish. As well as assigning resources and dependencies, you can also use it to estimate the overall amount of effort needed to finish your project on time.

The planning phase is the most critical step in the project life cycle. Combining this template with great project planning software, you can ensure that you always have a crystal clear roadmap ahead.

Take a free trial today to see why it's the best project scheduling software in town!

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