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Build Project Plans

Create your plans online using this innovative project planning software. It comes with all of the top features from Microsoft Project to help manage your projects.

Use Gantt Charts

Plan ahead by creating your Gantt Chart online. Then share it with your team and they can update the status of their tasks from their mobile phone.

Manage Your Tasks

Create task lists and assign them to your team. Add milestones, task notes and email alerts so that everyone in your team knows what has to be done, by when.

Monitor Progress

It's easy to monitor the progress of your projects using Simply view the status of your tasks online, using the interactive project dashboard.

Schedule Work

By scheduling your work ahead, everyone in the team will be on the same page. These advanced scheduling tools help you plan, track and report on work done.

Track Time

Allow everyone in your team to enter timesheets, so that you know how much effort has been spent getting work done. Then report on time completed to date.

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It's fully integrated with Google GMail / Docs / Spreadsheets and Calendar

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You can import and export Microsoft Project, Excel and Word files easily.

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What's New

Resource Management

Now you can assign people to teams and departments, to get work done. Then you can report on the progress of each team, viewing status on their personal dashboard.

Improved Workload Planning

This project planning software now allows you to see the workload of your team. Find out who is scheduled to work on which tasks and then reallocate work on the fly!


"This software is easy to use. The customer service is great and many of our feature requests are implemented!"

"Creating our project plans online has really helped communication within our team. We're very happy with it!"


We built because we wanted a "online project planning software" that had the top features found in Microsoft Project, yet was more affordable and easier to use. Interestingly after going live, we found that while planning online is an advantage, it's the fact that those plans can be shared with teams that counts!

It's the fact that as each team member is updating their tasks, the system is automatically updating your plans with progress to save you time. So kiss goodbye to lengthy reports and project meetings and say "hello" to online dashboards and reports.

That's why is different - it tells you whether you're on track, so you don't have to work it out for yourself. Give it a try today!

Project Plan Blog

01 October 2015

How to Determine Your Project’s Critical Path

You need to know whether your project is on track, or not, and the best way to do that is to find its critical path. The Critical Path, Defined. All the tasks that determine the end date of your project make up the critical path of your project. Not every task is...

Free Project Plan Template

Kick off your projects now by downloading this free "Project Plan Template". It takes you through the planning process, step-by-step.

You'll start by defining the project scope, milestones and activities that you need to undertake your project. You’ll then assign resources to your tasks and create dependencies if you wish. It also helps you estimate how much effort is required to complete each task, so that you know when your project will be completed.

Planning is a critical phase in the project lifecycle, so make sure that you use this free template to plan your projects properly upfront.

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